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Project Description
The MDT Web FrontEnd has been created as an easy to use, customizable and flexible solution to access and configure the MDT Database.

The Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Database is one of the most versatile utilities of MDT. No matter of using it in small or really large deployments, simple or complex, it can help you to reduce the time you need to have all settings configured. So far the MDT Deployment Workbench has been the only out of the box solution to manage this Deployment Database. With this project you now have a second option to choose from which is not only comparable to the Workbench, it is adding a lot of helpfull features making it easier to use.

This includes:
  • optional Role-based Access Model
  • customized Groups of Settings including Custom Settings
  • custom Lists to choose from pre-defined values (single and multiple values)
  • searching for Locations / MakeModels / Computers / Roles
  • browsing for Packages directly on a SMS/SCCM Server
  • Drag&Drop reordering of Applications, Packages, and Roles
  • Editing/Deleting of all Instances of a specific Application, Package, or Administrator
  • Import Applications from MDT
  • Manage PackageMappins/RoleMappings
  • Create new MDT Databases directly from the FrontEnd

Please see the Documentation for all further Details about the installation, configuration and usage. The most current Version can be found in the Downloads section. Please be aware that there are different downloads for the 32 and 64 Bit version.

This project has been started to make your Deployments more easy. So if you have some special requirements or have the next Must-Have feature don't hesitate to contact me. I really appreciate all feedback and comments. A special Thank You goes to Jason Scheffelmaer who is helping me on this project with a lot of testing and good ideas since the early Alpha stages. If you would like to contribute to this, I obviously need some help on the graphical part ;-) Also some help on the documentation would be greately appreciated.

To get a better idea on the possibilites and give you an easier start, a series of How Tos has been started. The following have already been published:

and more are to come.

The Beta of the next version is now available for Download. Please see the Release announcement and the Installation Instructions for further information

For other customizations, web services, scripts, Wizard panes etc regarding MDT please see a different Codeplex Project called MDT Customizations.

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 Giving Something Back News Feed 

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