Implementing MDT Web Frontend in multiple primary sites

May 13, 2010 at 10:12 PM

Hi Maik,

How would you implement the Web frontend in multiple primary site but only have one single web front end point?

In my environment we manage all applications, drivers and task sequences from the central site. I would like to add the MDT database and the frontend to the central site but some how replica it to the primary sites. As the collections and TS advertisements would need to be created at the primary site level as the central site does not host any clients.

The application needs to handle four regions EMEA, UK, US and APAC. Each region has a different requirement for keyboards languages, and applications at a regional level and departmental.

We need the option to allow a US users machine to be rebuilt in the UK to the same configuration as it was done in the US therefore requiring a single database and configuration storage.

Any ideas?


May 22, 2010 at 7:06 PM

Hi Mike,

the Web FrontEnd is just configuring the MDT Database. It doesn't even care about central and primary sccm servers. So if you are able to separate the settings in a way that you can use one database, it would also be enough to have one Web FrontEnd. No need to replicate it to somewhere else.

I know a couple installations where they also use one single Database for the configuration but use it on several primaries so it's for sure doable. I would generally recommend it the way you have set it up. Configure the Task Sequences, packages, Drivers etc on the Central. Then create Collections and the Advertisements on the primaries. Might want to have a look on that shows how you could even pxe boot and choose from several Task Sequences on the fly. The configuration can happen easily via Roles and Locations. Overwrite specific settings per computer.

If you have set up locations and want to set up a computer for a different location, you might want to have a look on an interesting Blog post of the Deployment Guys. They showed a nice solution for this: