Add external command/script

Jun 10, 2011 at 6:48 PM


Great work on the MDT Webfrontend project..

My question, is it possible to add a custom exterrnal command/script as a button to every computer account in the computers listing ? Just like edit in front of every row? Even better, a check box and on the bottom or top line a execute button, which executes the command for every checked computer. The external command could be a script which can take for example the spciefied computer variable and use that as an argument for the script. This for example WOL of WDS prestaging purposes ....

This becauase there isnt a good frontend avail for wds integration witch mdt.. I use the MDT-ZTI script together with wds and mdt for deploying computers, The addition would be welcome to make Webfrontend an overall wds/mdt fronend..


Hope yoou can help

Regards Erik Manders