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The MDT Web FrontEnd is a web-based FrontEnd for the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) Deployment Database. It has been written using ASP.Net MVC and is using the Entity Framework Model to connect to the Database. It has been developed for easy access and to replace the original MDT Deployment Workbench as the primary Tool for the configuration of the Deployment Database.

It's not only a comparable replacement of the Workbench (we are just speaking about the database part), it is adding a lot of new features making it easier to use and also more powerfull.

This includes:
  • optional Role-based Access Model
  • customized Groups of Settings including Custom Settings
  • custom Lists to choose from pre-defined values (single and multiple values)
  • searching for Locations / MakeModels / Computers / Roles
  • browsing for Packages directly on a SMS/SCCM Server
  • Drag&Drop reordering of Applications, Packages, and Roles
  • Editing/Deleting of all Instances of a specific Application, Package, or Administrator
  • Import Applications from MDT
  • Manage PackageMappings/RoleMappings
  • Create new MDT Databases directly from the FrontEnd

To give you a quick start, this documentation has been created to guide you through all parts of the FrontEnd and also explain the usage of the Deployment Database itself. Please find all necessary information in the following Topics
  • Manage Computers
  • Manage Roles

Note This Documentation is still work in progress and continously beeing extended. It started during the early Beta Phases so screenshots might not be 100% identical to the Look&Feel of the Final release. But they will be replaced when time permits. The text should always reflect the current status. If you find any errors or missing parts in this Documentation, would like to have a specific topic covered in more Detail, simply have a question or problem or would like to support this project just start a new discussion about it or drop me a note. I really appreciate all Feedbacks, recommendations, etc. Also help on the documentation or publishing real-world example is greately appreciated.

To ease your first steps, a series of How Tos has been started. The following have already been published:

and there are more to come

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alexeygilin Jun 21, 2012 at 5:52 PM 
Greate product!
One little question: is it possible to implement some check for double records?

brunobertechini Mar 22, 2010 at 4:45 PM 
Great Product! Happy to hear it announcement before I started my own project :)

Hi, I have several Roles already configured in my environment. Can anyone give me a tip about how to use Roles and Role Mapping on MDT FrontEnd?

Is the latest source code version available for download?