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Configure Database connection(s)

The FrontEnd requires two Database connections for full functionality.
  1. a connection to the MDT Database
  2. a connection to the SCMM Database (for Package searching)

You can configure these Database connections directly from the FrontEnd. So no more fiddling around with any application settings or manipulation of the web.config. Simply open the MDT Web FrontEnd and click on the Admin and then on the Configuration Tab.

We will start with the MDT Database. Type in the name of the SQL Server hosting the MDT Database (or where the MDT Database shall be created). If the account configured for the application pool in IIS has enough permission to access the MDT Database (I recommend dbowner permission to avoid future problems), just let the checkbox "Integrated Security" checked. This way the FrontEnd will use this configured account for all connections. You can also configure a different account to be used by unchecking this checkbox and supplying another users credentials in the Username and Password fields.


Now click on the "Test MDT DB connection" button. The FrontEnd will verify the supplied information and try to connect to the databaser server using the configured credentials. If successfull it will autopopulate a Dropdown list with all available Databases on the server. If not it will show the error message in the Status Area. Now pick the appropriate MDT Database you would like to use. If you would like to create a new MDT Database, just follow the Step by Step Guid - Creating a new MDT Database from this Documentation. Click again on "Test MDT DB connection" to verify the status of the choosen Database.


Repeat the same steps for the SCCM Database connection.

If the choosen database hasn't been upgraded yet for the FrontEnd or is from the Beta 2 release of the Web FrontEnd, you will see a short information about this. Also an additional Button "Upgrade Database" will be shown. I highly recommend to upgrade the database. It will still be compatible with the MDT Deployment Workbench. So just click on the "Upgrade Database" button and wait a few seconds for the upgrade to complete.


After a successfull upgrade you should see a short notice in the status area or an information about any error occured during the process. Finally enable the enhanced Features of the MDT Web FrontEnd and save your changes.


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NickSull Jan 4, 2012 at 4:03 PM 
I am running IIS 6 on w2k3 server. I have managed to connect to the DB and then clicked on Save Changes and get the following error "An error occured while saving the configuration". Any ideas?

MaikKoster Jun 12, 2010 at 1:40 PM 
@mwpalmer DataReader permission should be enough as the FrontEnd queries two tables from the SCCM Database.

The only write access to the FrontEnd files should happen on the web.config file.

mwpalmer May 11, 2010 at 8:50 PM 
What level of access is required to the SCCM SQL database? As this is not detailed in the installation guide and I cannot presently get a list of SCCM packages from the application.

Do you also have any recommendation for ACLs on the folder containing all the files and some write access is required to allow the application to write the database configuration.

MaikKoster Mar 4, 2010 at 8:49 PM 
Will update the Documentation. Thanks for your help.

KingPing Mar 4, 2010 at 4:42 PM 
I got it to work by going to the properties of the web site then going to the directory structure tab. Click the authentication and access edit button and change the "enable anonymous access" to "integrated windows authentication". This is for IIS 6.

PnoT Mar 3, 2010 at 5:26 PM 
I'm having the exact same problem as KingPing. I have followed all the steps and meet the requirements. I'm running 2003 R2, IIS6 enabled wildcard mapping, and even after a LONG wait on the admin page and the admin/configure page nothing happens. I have also went into the web.conf page and setup the database manually and still no luck.

MaikKoster Mar 3, 2010 at 4:51 PM 
On IIS 6 you need to enable wildcard mapping (

Additionally it can take up to a minute before a page is shown due to some sql timeouts. this happens e.g. if a Database server is set but can't be reached. So you might just want to give it some time. It's also possible to configure the necessary values directly by either configuring the Application Settings from the IIS mmc console or you edit the web.config file in the root of your page. The values are stored in the Application Settings section.

If still nothing happens try to open http://YourWebserver/YourVirtualDirectory/Admin/Configure. This will just open the content of what is being shown. It should then also show any error that happens.

KingPing Mar 3, 2010 at 1:50 PM 
I am running IIS 6 on windows server 2003. I have got to this point but when clcik on the admin tab to get to the configuration only a white page is displayed. No error message or anything. Any Ideas?