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Edit Access Role

Starting from the List of Access Roles you can edit an Access Role by clicking the Edit Icon


On the Edit page you can configure the following information:
  • Name - Name of the Access Role
  • Description - Description
  • Type - Type of Identities this Access Role will apply to. When changing this value after creation all current Role Assignments will become invalid and will be deleted! The Type can be either
    • All - Access Role will apply to all Identity Types
    • Location - Access Role applies only to Locations
    • MakeModel - Access Role applies only to MakeModels
    • Computer - Access Role applies only to Computers
    • Role - Access Role applies only to Roles
  • Access Level per Area. Access Levels can be
    • No Access - No Access at all
    • Read Only - Read Only Access
    • Change - Change permission including Add and Delete
  • Default - Default Access Role will be applied to all Users including new ones.
  • Group - Defines the Group which will be used when viewing the Settings of an Identity


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