Edit Category

A Category consists of one or more Settings. To edit a Category click on the Edit Icon in the List of Categories


Then you can configure the general information with Name and Description


To add a new Setting, choose the appropiate setting from the Dropdown list. It contains all available Settings of the Settings table from the Deployment database including any custom settings. You can configure a different name to be shown and also a Description which will be shown when hovering the setting. The Type defines how the setting can be edited later. You might want to be able to type in passwords without showing the text, choosing a Timezone from a Dropdown or minimize wrong entries using other Default Dropdown lists. Finally you can make a Setting "Read Only". This might be helpfull if you need to show the value of a setting e.g. the share to the User Data, but don't want the Users using this Group to be able to change it.


reorder the Settings using Drag&Drop


or remove a Setting from the Category



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