This page is deprecated with Version 1 and will be deleted shortly. Please see the Step by Step Guide - Upgrade existing MDT Databases for updated information

The MDT Web FrontEnd will work with all default databases from MDT 2008, MDT 2008 Update 1 and MDT 2010.

But if you want to make use of the security model or of the extended editing features you would need to add some new tables and stored procedures to the Deployment Database. The stored procedures require at least SQL 2005, so you can't extend Deplyoment Databases which are still based on SQL 2000 or MSDE. It's working fine on the free SQL Express Editions (2005/2008), so actually this shouldn't be a real showstopper. The download includes two sql scripts in the SQL subfolder of the Web FrontEnd which can be used to create the necessary tables and stored procedures:
  • CreateFrontEndTables_Beta2.sql - Creates all necessary tables and stored procedures including default Groups for MDT 2008 and MDT 2010 (Use this if you are unsure which to choose!)
  • CreateFrontEndTablesClean_Beta2.sql - Creates all necessary tables and stored procedures only. Be aware that you need to configure at least one custom Group. Without the Group the "Settings" of each Identity will just show up empty.

Currently it's not possible to upgrade the Deployment Database directly from the MDT Web FrontEnd. But there are several other easy ways to execute these scripts. One option is to use the Microsoft SQL Management Studio/SQL Management Studio express (either 2005 or 2008)
  • Open the sql script in the Management Studio
  • Choose to use your Deployment Database
  • Execute the script
  • Verify no Error happened

There is one final step necessary, if the acount, used for the MDT Web FrontEnd, has dbdatareader/dbdatawriter permission configured. On default these Roles don't include the right to execute stored procedures. To give this User the appropiate permission you would need to follow these additional steps:
  • In the SQL Management Studio right click the User and choose properties ( Database - Security - Users)
  • click on "Securables" and "Search"
  • chooose "All objects of the types..." and click on OK
  • select "Stored Procedures" and click on OK
  • select the Stored Procedure and check the "Grant Execute" box. This needs to be done for each of the following Stored Procedures
    • AddDefaultSettings
    • GetSettings
    • GetSettingsAsRows
    • SetSetting

Your Deployment Database has now been prepared to use all extended features of the MDT Web FrontEnd. You can now configure the Web FrontEnd to make use of this by setting the attribute "EnhancedSecurity" in the web.config to True.

        <add key="EnhancedSecurity" value="True"/>

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