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Future enhancements - Wish list

This is a list of Features which are planned to be included into the FrontEnd (sooner or later :-) ) The order doesn't represent the priority
  • Role-based Access ("Give every site Admin access to his location(s)") - available since Beta 2
  • Configure Default Settings in the Database
  • Nesting of Roles (Hierarchy)
  • Read information from SCCM (Choose package, ...) - available since Beta 1
  • Simply extensible with custom settings - available since Beta 2
  • Create custom Lists to let the User choose from pre-defined values - available since Version 1
  • Add custom pages
  • Search on each Identity - available since Beta 1
  • UI to manage Package Mappings / Role Mappings - available since Beta 2
  • Show all current References of a specific Application/Package/Role/Administrator - available since Version 1
  • Make most functions available as Webservice being able to make use of the extended security features
  • Localization
  • Implement an exclusion list of specific Applications/Packages/Roles/Administrators
  • ...

So if you have a Must-Have feature that you always wanted to have, just start a Discussion about it.

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