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List Users

To List all Users
  • open the MDT Web FrontEnd
  • click on the Admin Tab
  • click on the Users Tab within the Admin Tab

You will see a list of all Users with some basic information. Currently the Web FrontEnd is prepared to use Active Directory authentication. Other Authentication providers should work but it doesn't provide it's own. If the security Model has been activated all new users accessing the FrontEnd will automatically added to the Users table. So in case you don't know the correct username before just let them access the FrontEnd and configure them later. The Lastname and Firstname is only used for your convinience to more easily identify certain Users in case you have Usernames which don't reference the real name, e.g. internal IDs, numbers, etc. The "IsAdmin" Flag identifies Administrative Users. Only Users with this Flag will be able to access the "Admin" Tab of the FrontEnd and change any of those values. If the Database has just been created and no Users has been added, the first User opening the FrontEnd will automatically become an Admin so that you don't need to configure this directly in the Database to get initial access. Just make sure you are the first one opening the FrontEnd.

Using this List you can


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