Managing Groups, Categories, Lists and (Custom) Settings

A Group in the definition of the MDT Web FrontEnd is a set of individual Settings organized in Categories. You can use all Settings from the Settings table in the Deployment Database, including Custom Settings you have added before. You can define a different Name and Description for each setting or even make it Read Only. Also you can assign pre-defined or custom lists to each of the settings, allowing the User to pick one or several of the values from the list. These settings can then be combined into a Category. One or several Categories will finally form a Group. This way you can easily configure individual "Views" to the actually data a User is able to see. A Siteadmin might be interested in other Settings as a Helpdesk User. And giving them the full list of 215+ different Settings from MDT 2010 might be a bit overwhelming.

Managing these Groups is quite simple using the MDT Web FrontEnd. Please have a look on the following topics

You might also want to have a look on the following HowTos describing the usage of this features on some real-world examples:

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