Upgrade an existing MDT Database for the MDT Web FrontEnd

To make use of most of the advanced features of the MDT Web FrontEnd, a few changes to the existing MDT Database are required. Implementing those changes has been greatly simplyfied, compared to the Beta 2 Release. To upgrade the current MDT 2008, MDT 2008 Update 1, MDT 2010 or MDT Web FrontEnd Beta 2 Database just click on the Admin and then on the Configuration tab. If you have a valid connection to a MDT Database you will see a button labeled "Upgrade Database" Please make sure that the user account used for authentication against the Database has appropriate permission. To ease your life I recommend db_owner permission.

Click this button and after a few seconds, the Database should have been upgraded.


After a successfull upgrade you will see a short notice in the status area or an information about any error occured during the process. Finally enable the enhanced Features of the MDT Web FrontEnd and save your changes.


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